Advanced Reporting


Administrators and managers can view extensive data-sets of how users are faring through our real-time visual reports.

Managers can view whole of company compliance, track certification, view progress, view activity, identify non-performers in an extensive bank of ready-made reports with date, group and course filters.

Administrators can build and save custom reports on the portal and access a range of downloadable reports to drill down on user results.

Content Publisher


The intuitive and easy-to-use Content Publisher produces stunning, responsive publications that can be viewed on all connected devices.

The PowerHouse Content Publisher allows you to build unlimited resources which can be published to your users. You can publish your policies and workflows with acceptance terms that can be tracked in real-time.

The publisher is the most advanced on the market. You can use the free HTML5 templates to add video, columns, tabbed sliders, accordions and other interactive elements to your content or courses in minutes.

The SCORM compliant publisher is built on open standards and allows you to add your own courses built on all authorware including Captivate, Articulate, Storyline and Camtasia.

Embed video content, simulations, animations and stunning images to engage your users and add audio files to narrate your courses.

Create assessments with a range of question types, including multiple choice, true or false, short answer, re-order and hotspot. Implement the survey tool to gain perspectives from your staff and contractors.

The powerful scenario tool allows you to create real-word scenarios and prompt your users to select the correct course of action in various situations, with rated risks alongside each response.

Training Groups


PowerHouse features a hierarchical Group Manager to establish the schema to deliver your training and compliance. You can build unlimited groups with unlimited sub-groups and assign users and managers to each group.

Users can be assigned to multiple groups and you can assign multiple managers to each group. Administrators can assign permissions to the groups to control the functions.

The permissions available for managers include the ability to:

  • add or decommission users
  • assign courses, webinars and events
  • publish news and documents
  • create content and courses
  • create and publish reports
  • search user database and view user data
  • view and track individual visual reports
  • send group or individual messages
  • receive alerts on license and certificate expiries

Import pre-existing groups from payrolls, CRMs and HRIS systems, and save time on setting up detailed group hierarchies.

Manager Dashboard


The ground-breaking manager dashboard provides managers with additional capabilities to manage learner groups, including the ability to view, track and report on their team’s progress from all connected devices.

Managers have the options to assign optional courses, webinars and events to specific users in their group. They can generate an extensive range of reports on their team that can be downloaded from the portal.

Managers can communicate with their teams individually or with the entire team, and they can also access all files and certificates uploaded during the onboarding process. Managers receive alerts on operational data, such as when a team member has a pending expiry on a certificate or license.



Our portal comes with a range of automatically-generated emails and notifications for your learners and managers.

The system will automatically notify staff and contractors when re-inductions are due. Choose from set times – including a week before, the day before and/or the day of the re-induction date – or create custom notification timeframes to suit your business.

Automated Onboarding


PowerHouse LMS features a comprehensive onboarding workflow to manage the self-registration of your contractors or users. The onboarding functionality features the ability for your administrator to:

  • Enable the self-registration forms on their site
  • Add business and contractor self-registration portals
  • Add custom fields to the forms to collect your datasets
  • Add terms and conditions and digital signature check boxes
  • Add File Upload capability to collect certificates, licenses and insurances
  • Add categories to manage File Uploads structure
  • Add expiry dates to each file upload
  • able notifications to Managers when a certificate or license is expiring

Contact us to learn more about how we can automate your onboarding and enhance the management of user document uploads.

Multi-tenant Portal


The Group Manager delivers an automated and customised multi-tenant portal. The multi-tenant portal is the perfect solution to deliver custom training and communication to:

  • Franchises
  • Companies with multiple branded divisions
  • Organisations with geographically distributed offices
  • Contractor induction solutions
  • Payroll, CRM and HRIS solutions
  • Role based profiles for CPD associations
  • Multiple companies in one portal
  • Multi-national corporations

The multi-tenant solution includes custom branding. Administrators can create hierarchical or flat group structures and upload a brand to each group. When a user logs in to that group, the brand is displayed to provide a custom look and feel.

Each group has a custom set of users and managers with assigned content, news and activities with real-time reporting capability.

Risk and Capability Management


The risk and capability module allows administrators to add their own risk and capability matrixes to the portal.

Course and content editors can apply a risk or capability score to each assessment response to track the risk and capability profile of each user.

In addition to setting a pass rate on an assessment, each user can instantly view their risk and capability result in visual reports. Managers can login and track the competency profile of all team members and provide further training on those with high risk profiles.

Administrators can use the dedicated competency report to generate real-time reports on all users from a risk or capability perspective.

Event and Webinar Management


Administrators can use the PowerHouse Event Module to create and publish face-to-face training sessions. The events appear on the user’s dashboard with the ability for them to register or for a manager to register team members.

The event module features venue details, descriptions, presenters, dates, reminders and a structured waiting list to manage over-subscribed events. Presenters complete attendance online and the data is written automatically to a user’s personal training record.

Administrators can use the Powerhouse Webinar Module to create and publish online webinar training sessions to a user’s dashboard. After registering and attending a webinar the participation data is recorded in the user’s training record.

The PowerHouse Webinar Manager integrates seamlessly with the GoToMeeting API to allow client to use their existing webinar accounts in the portal.

Document Manager


Administrators can use the Document Manager to upload key documents and files and assign these to the training groups. All file types can be uploaded and expiry dates can be added to all files.

Categories can be created and documents added to categories to present an intuitive dashboard for learners to download and view documents.

The Report Manager features a document download reports to allow administrators to track user download reports.

News Manager


Administrators can publish a news item that can be broadcast to all users or assigned to a training group for contextual news.

A news item can feature text, images, embedded video, audio and hyperlinked documents. There is also the option to email an alert to users. This provides a notification that the user needs to login to view an important news item.



Generate revenue with our easy-to-use eCommerce tools, including the eShop, Event, Webinar and Course Catalogue. PowerHouse integrates seamlessly with the PayPal secure eCommerce gateway.

Sell your products online and easily track your inventory with our eShop.

Products built to share

Need to sell products to your users? Our eShop allows you to create, sell and track products to be purchased on the learner portal.

Information worth selling

Our Course Catalogue offers the ability to promote and sell your courses through the integrated website portal. Simply select the courses you wish to sell, consider standalone courses or bundles and add a price. It’s that easy.

Seamless purchasing

Publish promote and generate revenue from your events and webinars. Allow for the seamless purchasing of activities on our user-friendly sales interface.


Security hosting cloud

The Powerhouse SaaS LMS is hosted and managed securely on Rackspace servers globally. Rackspace delivers an ISO accredited environment that complies with all data standards as required by governments and corporations.

Your portal is supported with a 24/7 Service Level Agreement that guarantees resolution response times and 99.5% server uptime.

Our clients can select a Rackspace shared environment or dedicated hardware and hosting environment. We also provide the option for VMWare internal hosted solutions.

Request our extensive documentation on our data security, data sovereignty, best practice polices and workflows, privacy and intellectual property agreements, encryption structures and incident management services.

Learn how we provide in-country hosting with extensive data-backup and disaster recovery services.


empower your human potential

The entire PowerHouse platform is fully responsive, meaning users can access their portal on PCs, Macs, iPads, tablets, iPhone and all smartphones, while maintaining a seamless user experience.

The PowerHouse LMS is delivered in the browser which means that there are no downloads or proprietary software required to access the platform. Your users have the flexibility to complete their training online at any time. The courses will display beautifully on mobile devices and the system can add custom favicons to all devices.

PowerHouse is open standards compliant. The software meets all accessibility frameworks and is W3C and fully SCORM 1.2 and 2004 complaint.

API Integration


The PowerHouse platform features a fully documented API to integrate the platform with all modern payroll, CRMs and HRIS systems. Contact us to download the API and documentation to start planning your data management with your current systems.

PowerHouse also offers integration with a vast range of partner products including My Potentia, Secured Signing, RDBNow software, Hub3C, rostering software, Sonru, Google Analytics and GoToMeeting APIs.

Custom Branding


Your PowerHouse portal is customised with your logo, login page, self-registration page and custom home page images.

Administrators can use the settings menus to apply their own stylesheets including colours, schemas, fonts and a range of logos for the different page states.

After applying their stylesheets, these designs are automatically applied to all publishing sections as the default style to ensure that the platform is an extension of your current corporate environment.

Use the Group Manager to apply custom brands to each group to meet your exact business requirements.

Content Library


Choose from a range of engaging pre-existing courses to onboard or upskill your staff and contractors. All courses are updated regularly and feature video and multimedia interactivity to deliver compelling courses to your users.

The courses all feature relevant assessment questions and answers to automate assess the compliance and competency levels of your team. All assessment can be changed and updated with the assessment manager.

The PowerHouse courses are presented in logical bundles to help you deliver an out-of-the-box software and content solution to your users.

Administrators and content editors can use the PowerHouse Content Publisher to update all courses with the own custom material – text, images and video – to ensure that users view the content as contextually relevant.

Courses are well-researched – with full reference lists in each – and are designed to teach key, generic learnings on a range of workplace topics, including construction-based courses, office-based courses, policy-based courses and so much more.

Enjoy the added flexibility of customising courses to suit your business. We allow you to edit any part of the courses to reflect your unique requirements.

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