Continuous Development
of Workforce Skills

The PowerHouse Workforce Platform delivers continuous job role upskilling for your employees and contractors to ensure that they have the expertise and talent to perform in their role. 


With the workplace transforming, personalised training programs manage the upskilling of your teams to match their changing job roles. 


The PowerHouse Workforce Platform can integrate with your current LMS or can be delivered with our inbuilt training program to deliver on your training needs.


Produce online training courses with assessment with our Content Publisher. Publish events and webinars with our inbuilt modules and add job skills tags to all training activities to dynamically build job skill profiles on all of your workers.

Personalised Upskilling and Workplace CPD Programs

Your Workforce Profiles publish a personalised skill gap analysis for each employee or contractor. Managers receive alerts when a team member is assessed with a gap and your worker complete the micro-credential, course or webinar to update their upskilling profile.


The PowerHouse Workforce Platform has the flexibility to deliver workplace health and safety training, general induction training and specific Job Framework upskilling programs.



The PowerHouse Workforce Platform also has the inbuilt ability to create the upskilling program as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) package that is featured on the profile and reported annually. 

Accelerating Knowledge Based Skills in Your Business

The Workforce Profiles segments the upskilling program into three skills areas: self-assessment, verified skills and knowledge-based skills. The Knowledge based skills are online courses and micro-credentials that relate to a skill.


Your administrators can import existing courses or build their own on our platform and simply tag the course to a skill to build the datasets which are displayed on the Workforce Profile.

Workforce Mobility with Dynamic Succession Planning

Administrators can assign unlimited job roles to a PowerHouse group to allow the workers in the group to view their current role as well as other job roles in the company.



In addition to upskilling for their current job role, employees can create workforce mobility by completing the training, skilling and completing the compliance aspects of additional roles. 


Hiring managers push job ads to the current staff talent pool to unearth new talent from motivated workers looking for promotion and new opportunities helping the succession plan for your business.  

Upskill with Events & Webinars

The PowerHouse Workforce Platform features an extensive range of upskilling modules. 

The key PowerHouse training modules include:

– Content Publisher (builds courses with assessment)

– Learning Program (sequential micro-credentials)

– Webinar Manager (integrates with Zoom and GtM)

– Event Manager (to conduct all of your workshops)

The platform allows you to integrate your LMS and import your existing training courses into the upskilling job role frameworks.

All upskilling activities (courses, programs, events and webinars) can be tagged with skill outcomes. When the training is complete, the skills (and completion certificates) are published on the Workforce Wallet.

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