Talent Pools

Launch Talent Pools to Drive Mobility and Expand Talent Sources

The PowerHouse Workforce Platform provides new ways to source and manage your talent.


Create your own Talent Pools to reflect the job roles and experience in your company and initiate proactive recruitment drives to pre-populate your talent pools in readiness to support your growth or transition plans.


Build your Talent Pool categories and then create your Talent Pools based on employment type, location, job role, experience and availability.


Add your existing employees and contractors to your Talent Pools to  mobilise your existing teams and networks, with automated profiling screening and succession planning.

Private talent pools

Find and Foster Your
Team with Private Talent Pools

Build private Talent Pools for existing staff, contractors, job seekers and trainees. Create your talent pools by region or job role and develop your community to reflect your business structure.


Post jobs to your talent pools to discover talent with automated profiling and ranking to the job description. Introduce dynamic succession planning and staff mobility by allowing your teams to upskill to new roles with dynamic screening. Improve career progression, retain your talent and reduce the time to hire with our profiled talent pools.


Post jobs to your job boards, recruiters and private Talent Pools. In addition to sourcing new candidates, the platform ‘discovers’ talent in your existing teams with high job match scores.



Broaden Your Talent Community with our Public Talent Pools

Subscribe to our Public Talent Pools to access pre-screened talent sources ready to work in your business today. 

Public Talent Pool partners include approved recruiters, apprenticeship providers, contingent workforce providers, pre-qualified talent pools, professional staff talent pools and gig workers (casual and contractor workers).

Once subscribed, you can post your jobs to existing talent community and include your public talent pool partners to centralise all candidates in one portal.

Base hiring decisions on
verified data

Change the way you assess and shortlist candidates for jobs with automated and evidence-based profiling during the application process. You can collect compliance records, workplace suitability profiles and job role skill assessment data as part of your pre-screening workflow.


When hiring, don’t rely solely on the candidate CV. Enhance your decision making with job role skills assessments and rank candidates against the job requirements automatically. Make informed decisions based on verified data (skills, experience, compliance, qualifications and training).

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