Why is a Learner unable to access Courses, Events, Documents or other content?

If a Learner is unable to access content, it could be due to conflicting restrictions on the account.

If a course is inaccessible, the first thing you should do is go to User Accounts and find the user who is having trouble accessing courses. Click on their 'Assign Courses to This User' button Assign Courses to This User and check that the course is not assigned to 'Denied'. If it is set to denied, this will deny access to the course even if the user is assigned the course via Group Management.

If a user is having trouble accessing other content, make sure that the user is assigned to a group that has been set up to grant access to this content. You can set up content distribution through groups either in Group Management or the appropriate content editor (e.g. News Editor).

Content can also have expiry dates. If certain content cannot be viewed, go into the content’s settings page and make sure that the expiry dates have not passed.