I want to upgrade to the latest version. How will this be handled?

If you would like to upgrade to the latest version of the platform, please contact [email protected] about your upgrade and any special requests. We can then organise a quote and can customise the platform to meet your needs.

Once the upgrade has been scheduled, the development team will begin by setting up the platform to meet your specifications. They will also work on installing any customisations made to the previous version of the platform. Once the platform has been set up, we will do a full site test to confirm everything is working correctly.

None of these tasks will cause any downtime or interruptions to the current live site.

Once the full site test is complete and everything has passed, we will then provide you with a link to the beta version of the site, which is used for testing. Once you have reviewed the site and confirmed everything looks and functions as it should, we will then begin replacing the old site with the new version. This normally does not cause any down time unless a large amount of content is being transferred.