A user has submitted an assessment but their progress is lost. What happened?

There are several ways that a user’s progress can be accidentally reset.

  1. The user has attempted the assessment again: If the user goes into an already completed course and attempts any assessment again, that assessment will wipe the user’s previous answers from the system for that assessment, even if they do not enter any answers.
  2. The user navigated away from the course: The course can be browsed through by using the 'Next' and 'Prev' buttons available inside the course. These allow you to navigate through the different pages and move back and forth between them. If a user uses the navigation buttons on their browser while in a course; however, this has the potential to wipe the user’s answers, especially if the user were to navigate backwards through a course after viewing their score. It’s recommended users do not use the navigational buttons on the browser to navigate through the course or outside the course.
  3. The user’s results were reset: Admin accounts can reset a user’s results. If this feature was used accidentally by an admin, this will result in all selected assessment results being wiped.
  4. Internet security or connectivity issues: If the user is using internet security or has a poor internet connection, this can lead to the user’s connection to the system to be cut off. If this happens, the system may log the user out for security reasons.