Using Validated Data to Underpin Your Talent Selection

PowerHouse generates evidence-based job role data on each candidate to help you find the right person for the job. We guide and support your candidate selection process with dynamic CV job match scores, job skill assessments, pre-screened compliance data, dynamic ranking tools, online interviews and automated messaging. 

Ai Smart Selection with
Job Match Benchmarks

PowerHouse uses smart Ai and advanced parsing technology to assess each candidate CV against the job role. We transcend keyword matching with an artificial intelligence engine that continuously learns your preferences and criteria to deliver accurate results. 


You have the flexibility to apply your exact benchmarks for every job and the transparent ranking removes unconscious bias in the recruitment process.

Dynamic Weighted Job
Match Scores

We allow hiring manages to make data-driven recruitment solutions by creating dynamic candidate leaderboards based on individual weighted job match scores. These scores are calculated as we interrogate each aspect on the CV to deliver holistic candidate profile matching (by assessing job titles, skills, years of experience and industry-based work).


In addition to the weighted job match scores, we instantly produce a written CV summary and a chronological work history for each candidate. The Ai engine features False Match Elimination technology that omits irrelevant data from the CV and removes up to 90% of the false matches.

Enhance Recruitment Decisions with Pre-Screening Data

PowerHouse Job ads can be linked to your job descriptions on the platform to create new job ads instantly that feature job skills, compliance and ranking criteria. As applicants apply for the job, they are prompted to complete a self-assessment on the specific job skills and upload job-related compliance data as part of pre-screening workflow.


By combining the candidate’s skills and compliance data with their verified digital CV, hiring managers can use an extensive bank of evidence-based information to inform shortlisting and talent selection. After hiring, all of this data moves with the worker and can be accessed by managers in a continual monitoring and upskilling program.

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