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Franchisors mandate and manage compliance with each franchise

The PowerHouse Franchise LMS provides the ecosystem to build, publish and report on compliance programs across your business.

Comply with in-country legislation, such as the Vulnerable Worker’s Act, with custom courses, events and webinars which can track franchisee understanding of their obligations. Leverage the multi-tenant structure of the platform to deliver geographic, role-based and industry compliance programs.


Franchisee marketing training and certification

Streamline and harmonise your franchise marketing plans with marketing training programs that feature your plans, resources and action strategies.

Track franchisee access patterns and report dynamically on their understanding of the plans.

Launch marketing groups hosted by your marketing specialists to mentor and support users in the implementation of your branding and marketing strategies.


Franchisee onboarding and quality assurance workflows

Automate franchisee onboarding with self-registration portals to collect real-time data with the ability to upload application forms, safety certificates and licences with aligned expiry dates.

Augment the workflow with alerts and reminders. Build a series of governance and best practices courses and assign to a QA program with pre-requisites and assessment.

View visual reports and export an extensive range of compliance and governance reports.


Dynamic franchisee intranet with streamlined communication

Connect your franchisee community with a collaborative community that features information broadcasts, email alerts, messaging, courses, webinars, events, documents, training programs and personal training records.

Your administrators can publish enterprise or group surveys and reports to gather instant feedback from franchisees on a specific topic or area. Franchisors and Master Franchisees can track and mentor their franchisees.

The intranet is accessed from all connected devices including PCs, Macs, iPads, tablets, iPhones and smartphones.


Managing the franchisor, Master Franchisee and the franchise stakeholders

Leverage the franchisor multi-tenant portal to create your own hierarchical structure with the group manager.

Assign content, documents, data and users to each group and sub-groups will automatically inherit the assignations.

The Franchisor is bound to the top group, the Master Franchisee is linked to the next level and each Master Franchisee can have unlimited sub-groups to reflect their organisation structure.

Franchisee are assigned to final level of groups to build the agile publishing and dynamic reporting network.


Franchisee mentoring and collaboration portal

The PowerHouse LMS features a franchisee training dashboard and a front-end management dashboard for the franchisor or Master Franchisee.

The manager dashboard allows these users to view the progress and activity from all their franchisees.

In addition, the managers can mentor and communicate with the group or individual franchisees with the inbuilt messaging tools.

The franchisor can also build collaborative groups for franchisees to allow them to communicate with their peers to share ideas and strategies. This communication can be tracked and moderated.


Track real-time risk and capability in your franchise

You can use the PowerHouse publisher to plan, build and publish unlimited courses and content packs to your franchisees. The publisher features HTML5 templates that allow your team to build interactive and engaging content that can be accessed on all mobile devices.

You can add assessments that map your capability matrix, and based on franchisee selections, dynamic risk and capability visual graphs are published on franchisee dashboards. Managers receive alerts on high risk decisions and reports can be generated and exported on the individual or all franchisees.


Generate comprehensive franchisee reports

Administrators and franchisors can view extensive data-sets of how franchisees are faring through our real-time visual reports.

Master Franchisees can view the status of all franchisees in their group in terms of compliance, certification and understanding of key policies and procedures.

In addition to the visual reports they can access an extensive bank of ready-made reports with date, group and course filters.

Administrators can build and save custom reports on the portal and access a range of downloadable reports to drill down on user results.


Manage your franchisee refresher training automatically

Use the business intelligence in the PowerHouse Franchise LMS to set annual refresher dates for specific content and courses. Assign a series of email reminders to the refresher dates to automate the workflow.

Administrators can also add expiry dates on vital induction courses with reminder alerts to ensure all franchisees stay on track. Franchisors and Master Franchisees can check individual businesses or generate comprehensive completion reports on the expiry and refresher dates.


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