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Working with Children

Working with children involves unique laws and industry standards that must be abided by. It is important for staff to understand the safety screening process, their responsibilities and the risks and hazards involved with this type of work.

This induction course is designed to teach staff about the laws that affect how and whether they can work with children. It explains the industry requirements, responsibilities staff must fulfil and the hazards to both staff and children that staff must be aware of and manage appropriately.


  • This course covers Australian legislation and requirements for people who work – or intend to work – with children
  • Both corporate companies and smaller construction businesses will benefit from this induction course
  • The Working with Children course is ideal for educating hiring managers and staff about legal and industry requirements for working with children

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the child safety screening process and how to lodge an application
  • Understand health and safety responsibilities involved with this type of work
  • Be aware of industry standards and ways to manage risks and hazards involved with working with children

Business Outcomes

  • Educate managers and staff about the requirements and risks involved with working with children
  • Encourage staff to abide by industry best practice standards
  • Ensure that new staff have undertaken the required screening and application processes before starting work in this industry

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