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WHS for Aged and Community Care

Businesses in the aged and community care industry are obligated to keep workers knowledgeable about the health and safety risks they face at work. They must also implement and manage an effective WHS management system to prevent illness and injury to everyone at the workplace.

There are many risks to be mindful of in aged and community care facilities and many steps that must be taken to maintain a safe work environment. This induction course is designed to teach you about WHS legislation, WHS management systems, hazard management and how to control specific hazards.


  • This course is suitable only for businesses in the aged and community care industry
  • Corporate companies and small businesses will benefit equally from this induction course
  • This Workplace Health and Safety course is ideal for educating staff and managers on their legal responsibilities, industry safety requirements and minimising workplace hazards

Learning Objectives

  • Understand WHS legislation and responsibilities
  • Be able to implement an effective WHS management system
  • Gain a detailed understanding of hazard management
  • Know how to control specific hazards

Business Outcomes

  • Deliver WHS training seamlessly to all staff
  • Management will know how to implement an effective WHS management system
  • Staff will understand common industry hazards and how to manage them
  • Protect your organisation from WHS incidents and legal penalties

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