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Time Management

As a business, it is your obligation to assist employees in developing time management skills and understanding other soft skills.

Developing time management and other soft skills can improve productivity in the workplace and lead to an improved workflow. It is important to understand and identify ways to improve time management skills through different methods, such as goal setting theory. This induction course is designed to teach you about time management and elements associated with developing this important skill.


  • This course is broad in scope and is suitable for a variety of businesses and industries, especially those operating in an office environment
  • Corporate companies and small businesses will benefit equally from this induction course
  • This course is ideal for educating all staff about the importance of effective time management and strategies to achieve this to boost productivity

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the elements of, and importance for, time management
  • Learn about goal setting theory and how to achieve goals
  • Understand procrastination and what it means for the workplace
  • Learn about soft skills and how they can benefit employees
  • Develop organisational skills and learn why they are important in managing time effectively

Business Outcomes

  • Deliver training seamlessly to a wide range of employees
  • Employees will understand the importance of time management and other soft skills
  • Employees will develop techniques for achieving goals and better time management
  • Learn the importance of productivity in regards to time management and organisation

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