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Frontline Leadership

In your organisation, you may have a few, or many, frontline leaders. Frontline leaders organise and manage the staff who have direct interactions with customers, or who produce products and services.

Frontline leaders are often employees who have been internally promoted because they demonstrate a high level of expertise and capabilities in managing people. As such, frontline managers may not have engaged in formal management training. This induction course is designed to provide frontline leaders with training on how to best complete their role with a focus on managing their staff.


  • This course is broad in scope and is suitable for a variety of businesses and industries
  • Corporate companies and small businesses will benefit equally from this induction course
  • The Frontline Leadership course is ideal for supporting current managers’ continuing professional development, as well as for preparing staff to transition into a frontline management role

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what a frontline leader is
  • Learn which skills frontline leaders possess
  • Gain a detailed understanding of the principles and key responsibilities
  • Learn how to empower staff as a frontline leader
  • Understand how the CEO or senior management team can support you

Business Outcomes

  • Deliver leadership training seamlessly to a wide range of managers
  • Ensure that frontline leaders have the skills to manage their teams
  • Managers will feel more empowered in their roles

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