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Code of Conduct and Professional Standards

Many organisations implement a code of conduct, which communicates the organisation’s commitments, values and rules to all employees. A code of conduct usually provides guidance and advice for staff to make ethical decisions while they are at work.

This induction course is designed to provide you with some of the standards and rules of behaviour that all staff should adhere to in the workplace, while also giving you the knowledge to design your own unique code of conduct.


  • This course is broad in scope and is suitable for a variety of businesses and industries, particularly those operating in an office environment
  • Corporate companies and small businesses will benefit equally from this induction course
  • This course encourages ethical business practices, accountability and staff compliance with your company’s conduct standards

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a detailed understanding of the different areas
  • Understand the required standards of behaviour
  • Learn how to engage in ethical decision making
  • Understand the disciplinary actions if breached

Business Outcomes

  • Deliver code of conduct training seamlessly to a wide range of employees
  • Knowledge of how to create a code of conduct unique to your organisation
  • Employees will understand how to engage in ethical behaviour at the workplace
  • Employees will know the values and rules of the organisation

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