The need for a different approach

Managing contractors can be a very different process to managing full-time and other staff. As with all staff, your business is obligated to ensure that contractors have the necessary training, qualifications and licenses to carry out their work safely.

Due to the typically short-term engagements contractors have with a business, maintaining a large number contractors will incur a vast amount of documentation for your safety managers to process. It’s critical to have incident reports and insurance documentation readily available in the event of a workplace accident, as well as a system in place to track license expiry dates.

Having an efficient process to manage these documents will alleviate pressure on your staff to keep up with all your contractors’ activities – as they may be held liable if an incident occurs.

All of this documentation can be stored, accessed and tracked efficiently using a learning management system (LMS).

Construction manager examining data

Benefits of LMS contractor management

Below are some of the benefits of using an LMS to manage numerous contractors:

  • Seamlessly provide compliance training to individual contractors or industry-based groups collectively, which they can complete in their own time from any device
  • Set periodical re-induction dates for training courses to ensure contractors are up-to-date with their compliance training
  • Assign custom certificates to training courses, awarded to contractors upon completion of the course
  • Upload and securely store copies of licenses and all other necessary documentation and access these at any time, from one central online location
  • Track expiry dates of all licenses and other documents and set automated email alerts to inform contractors when their licenses are due to expire
  • Instantly generate a variety of spreadsheet reports that inform you about all contractors’ activities, such as:
    • Users who have passed or failed courses in a certain date range
    • Users who have not completed courses
    • Users who have downloaded documents
    • Users who have registered for training events
    • Training hours delivered per month for courses

Site manager reading tablet

These functions provide tangible benefits to your business when managing any number of contractors. Traditional systems would have you dealing with dozens of hard-copies of sensitive documentation, then attempting to file them in a central location for future access.

Using an LMS minimises the amount of time managers need to manage contractors – regardless of whether it’s three or 300. As an administrator, your managers can assign training, certificates and documents to all contractors at the click of a button.

On the flipside, contractors are given complete flexibility on where and when they complete their safety compliance training. As all training is completed online, logistical issues with bringing in expensive instructors and transporting staff to induction sites are a thing of the past.

Businessman sharing files online

Email reminders on license expiry are completely automated and contractors can simply upload their documents to the LMS from any device connected to the internet.

If you’re struggling to keep up with your contractors’ requirements, it’s not worth risking your business and the safety of your employees. Manage your contractors with an LMS and see just how much time and effort it will save your team.

For more information about how LMS can improve your contractor management, please contact us at Mediasphere to see if our award-winning LMS can help streamline your processes.