Meeting compliance requirements is an essential task for operations managers. This can be achieved through a solid induction process. Inducting employees and contractors into the organisation creates a safe, friendly and inviting work environment. The benefits of establishing a strong induction process include:

  • build a strong workplace structure
  • stay compliant and educate employees on safety, bullying, sexual harassment and critical policies
  • increase employee retention
  • teach the proper way to perform tasks
  • save time and money in the long-term by replicating the induction program for each new employee or contractor

Below are tips on creating an induction program that will assist in the growth and success of the organisation.

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Prepare an induction checklist

Setting up a computer, email and introducing a new employee or contractor to current staff may seem straight-forward, but having a system in place is important for consistency.

Managers should create a common checklist that will be used for every new employee and contractor. This checklist can up be uploaded into a compliance management software, such as an LMS, to easily manage the induction process.

Common items that should be listed on an induction checklist, include:

  • introduction to the team leader or manager
  • performance standards and expectations
  • introduction to team members
  • organisational chart
  • office or worksite layout
  • security and safety issues

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Introduction and team bonding

Whether a full-time, part-time or contracted employee, all employees should feel welcome and included at the workplace. Connect all new employees through any communication channel the company team uses, as well as introduce the employee to all staff.

To further create a welcoming workplace environment, managers can hold a team lunch for all staff to induct the new employees into the community. Set up the new staff on the LMS software to seamlessly connect staff with all resources. The organisation can also post a welcome note on the company’s learning management system for all staff to see and greet the new employee or contractor.

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Create a job description

Creating a document with role titles and descriptions can be vital to the success of any new employee. This document can be added as a resource on the LMS and stored easily with all other resources that the new employee or contractor may need. A job description can be a single page and should include:

  • the role title that the new employee or contractor will hold
  • position statement with role description and main tasks
  • a list of main duties and tasks that the employee will complete
  • role requirements

Be accessible

The first couple days of any new role is difficult and managers should expect questions from new employees and contractors.

Keep doors open and encourage new staff to ask questions and learn about the culture and workplace. Offering mentoring and additional support will speed up the transition period and really immerse the new staff into the workplace culture.

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Testable induction

Staff induction that involves workplace health and safety procedures as well as workplace policies, such as sexual harassment, can be tested to ensure the new employee or contractor fully understands workplace standards and requirements.

Use your integrated LMS solution to create modules and tests. For compliance purposes, testing induction training produce the following advantages:

  • new employees learn the necessary information
  • organisations will receive records of staff training
  • implications of insurance premiums
  • all staff will be compliant in terms of health and safety policies

Employees are an organisation’s biggest asset and employee satisfaction and skill development is directly linked to a company’s success. Managers should invest in a compliance and induction management to integrate with an LMS; this ensures that employees are nurtured from the beginning of employment. Compliance, satisfaction and a strong workplace culture are all improved through the implementation of a solid induction program.

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