Boost your CPD Membership

Continuing professional development (CPD) is important in any role and can be achieved through a number of different activities. Any event, webinar or training course that increases knowledge or skills in a role can be included in CPD records.

To gain as much value from CPD activities as possible, it is recommended that professionals focus on relevance to the role and career development plan.

Managers can encourage employees to participate in CPD by offering memberships. These memberships can include discounted CPD courses, events and webinars. This can increase revenue for the organisation while also helping professionals advance in their career and skill development. 

Below are tips to increase CPD membership with your organisation:

Set, revise and review

Targets for memberships should be set by managers each year and reviewed regularly. Setting objectives and targets helps identify areas that managers will need to invest time and resources to.

Offer membership discounts

To build membership retention, organisations can offer discounted courses and advertise free events or webinars for members. Giving incentives for enlisting in membership CPD will boost revenue and membership for companies.

Set up events

Creating events and seminars that benefit your members and non-members will create a competitive advantage for your organisation. Invite industry speakers to events and give your memberships an exclusive learning experience with experts in their field.

Build your community

Integrating your members through a digital platform develops the community of the users in your organisation, increasing membership retention. CPD hours can be logged and achieved through self-interest; however, professionals will feel more involved and accomplished if subscribing to a membership with a community.

Having a digital community for your members also allows professionals to learn from their peers and create their own learning objectives. This can give your organisation feedback on events and courses and can help identify gaps to explore further.

Appoint a membership coordinator

Appointing one person to monitor, review and revise membership strategies keeps marketing efforts consistent and cohesive with organisational objectives. The membership coordinator can set up membership events, set up SEO and communicate with current and potential members.

This helps build relationships with current and potential members, which results in more revenue and membership retention.

Build up SEO

SEO is a great way for your organisation and the courses you sell to be in the top searches for potential members. As you create courses, CPD programs and events, identify keywords that potential members may search for when looking to develop their career. Members can also be linked to suggested courses and modules, building SEO further.

Boosting CPD membership increases revenue, reputation and competitive advantage for your organisation. Follow the tips above to help gain traction to your website and set up a community for your members.