Recruiting new talent is no longer strictly a role for HR; it is a role that requires multiple teams to attract top new employees. With the rise of the digital age, prospective employees can easily find information to help them see what it may be like to work for a company. Sites, such as Glassdoor, make a company's employment record extremely visible to the outside.

A company's employment brand should involve opportunity for growth, employee experiences and a culture rooted in certain values. This brand must be highly visible and attractive to candidates to achieve better success in recruitment. It is very common now to see companies investing in educating and attracting candidates as much as customer-focused advertising.

To communicate the organisational value proposition to the workforce, companies may find it beneficial to create employment-focused blog posts and videos of employees discussing their own employment experiences.

Talent acquisition technologies

The majority of talent acquisition systems are sourced from third-party vendors, creating high competition for developing the most innovative recruiting software. These new solutions are centred around cognitive innovations, such as artificial intelligence. 

Chat-bots are also becoming popular, which guides candidates through the application process. To learn more about the benefits of artificial intelligence and other innovations, click here.

PowerHouse Hub has teamed up with My Potentia to bring new recruiting solutions to clients. This artificial intelligence software takes candidates through a series of interactive assessments that helps determine the candidate's potential with the company. This software is a great addition for employers to monitor, assist and manage employees through their entire employee life-cycle.

It starts with the candidate

Employee experience is a major trend for successful organisations and begins with a positive candidate experience. The number of benefits of a quality employee experience can be explored here and is important when developing long-term relationships for potential talent. 

To address this new challenge, companies have started utilising the appeal of video formats; building cartoons, employee interviews and even video games to demonstrate job descriptions and staff experiences with the company. Videos help attract the best talent and are a great way to showcase your company's innovation. 

Games (such as the interactive app on My Potentia), mini-games to assess various capabilities and even video interview software that rank interviews for candidate fit, are all new ways to assess potential candidates.

How to start

  • New technology: most tasks and ways of doing things are adapting to digital experience and recruiting should be no exception. Explore various cognitive tools, video and gaming and even the use of social networks. 
  • What is your digital employment brand? Develop a digital platform to showcase company values, experiences and future pursuits. All digital activity will affect the decisions of potential candidates. 
  • Before employee experience: Don't just ask what the candidate can do for the company. Consider what the company has that is unique and can benefit the candidate, such as brand qualities, programs, values, etc.
  • Integrate, integrate, integrate: Talent acquisition shouldn't just be an HR role. Connect all areas of the business, including business procurement, IT, etc. Different departments may offer new ideas for recruiting for their area.