The PowerHouse Compliance software allows you to deliver safety induction certificates for each course, or you can choose to implement a comprehensive safety induction program with a single certificate that informs your managers that the end user has been inducted.

What should be included in my safety induction program?

A structured and consistent safety induction should ensure that your employees and contractors are aware of workplace health and safety laws in your industry and most importantly know how your organisation approaches workplace safety. This is an essential component in meeting your legislated safety obligations.

The structured workflow in PowerHouse Compliance guides the design and structure of your safety induction to ensure that staff meet these safety obligations.

Generally speaking, an online induction program is aimed at providing staff and contractors with an understanding of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) (or Workplace Health and Safety) principles that will encourage them to work more safely.


The PowerHouse Compliance OHS/WHS safety induction courses

In addition to providing an induction that allows you to create and publish your own OHS/WHS courses and policies, we are pleased to assist the build of your programs with the PowerHouse Compliance course pack.

The courses below are loaded into your PowerHouse Compliance course editor to allow you to add any additional information or test questions from your industry. You simply assign these to your training groups and your staff and contractors will have instant access to your induction program.

The PowerHouse Compliance Safety Induction Courses include:

  • Manual Handling
  • Working at Heights
  • Working in Confined Spaces
  • Workplace Bullying and Harassment
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Equal Opportunity (EEO)
  • Fire Safety and Evacuation
  • Transport and Logistics


Suggested safety induction training outline

With PowerHouse Compliance you can publish your induction information as online courses, eBooks with digital signatures, safety news alerts, policy uploads and personal file uploads as part of the onboarding process. You may want to consider using the following information as part of your induction program:

  • WHS/OHS legal obligations of employers, employees and contractors
  • WHS/OHS legal obligations of your contracting businesses
  • Safety communication and consultation
  • General Office Safety (i.e. fire safety and evacuation)
  • Hazard identification and control
  • Overview of manual handling principles
  • Emergency procedures
  • Workplace injury management
  • Risk management


Workflow for your safety induction

PowerHouse Compliance software automates the workflow for your safety induction program. Your tools include:

  1. the ability to collect all safety licences and certificates as part of the onboarding process
  2. OHS/WHS courses delivered online to drive your safety compliance
  3. OHS/WHS safety meetings and workshops booked through your training calendar
  4. the ability to publish and track your safety policies and documents
  5. the ability to broadcast and track the reading of safety news and alerts
  6. the ability for managers to logon and track the progress of staff and managers
  7. the ability to broadcast safety webinars to all staff and contractors
  8. safety induction certificates for all staff, contractors and visitors
  9. real-time visual and data reports for administrators and managers
  10. real-time alerts to managers for expired licences and upcoming re-inductions

Staff and contractor safety re-induction

Due to new legislation it is vital for all organisations to track and re-induct their staff and contractors to ensure that all end users have been tested and passed to demonstrate their safety compliance.