Points, Units, Credits, Oh My! 

Continuing Professional Development is a key part of every individual's progress as a professional. A quality CPD program should include a record of completed training each year as well as learning objectives that have been met and need to be met. CPD programs should also include skills that can be used in practice which improves performance and efficiency.  

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Portfolio recap 

CPD portfolios track professional progress over the years and keep evidence of objective requirements and professional learning. CPD programs offer a number of benefits for organisations and can lead to a more qualified workforce. Managers can develop CPD programs through systems, such as PowerHouse CPD. PowerHouse CPD offers a range of different learning methods, activities and events that cater to the needs of your professional members. Programs also offer CPD certificates as validation for each learning activity completed.  

CPD portfolios help organise individuals' professional development requirements and maintain quality records annually. CPD is important for any individual and can complement their qualifications.


The industry of Continuing Professional Development is riddled with jargon that can be confusing. Though CPD is necessary for most professionals, many question what a CPD point, unit or credit is, as well as how they relate to CPD hours and requirements. Professional bodies in the UK and Australia are expanding, developing a more varied list of annual requirements. 

Different professional bodies use different terminology and many use 'CPD points', 'CPD units' or 'CPD credits' interchangeably. These all seem to relate to CPD hours; however, use of these terms is typically decided before implementation. 

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What are CPD hours? 

CPD hours refer to the time a professional dedicates to 'active learning.' Active learning can include any time spent learning through online training or by attending events, workshops, webinars or other training that is relevant for the CPD objectives. One example is a webinar that a professional participates in. If the webinar is from 12pm–5pm, then the professional will have accumulated five CPD hours.  

Key information 

When an organisation utilises a system, such as PowerHouse CPD, individuals can easily manage CPD year-round. This will ensure individuals are accountable for their CPD training and improve efficiency with professional development.  

The following are key points all good CPD portfolios should have:  

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