Something old, something new

In today’s world of online and mobile technology, friends, family and colleagues halfway across the world can be reached with the tap of a button through myriad messaging apps and platforms.

So many aspects of work and play have become digitised, because why post a letter when you can send an instant message? Or why organise an overseas business meeting when you can host a video conference, right now?

It’s no secret that technology has vastly improved the efficiency of personal and business communication in recent years. Time, money and effort must no longer be needlessly expended in day-to-day business operations.

So why should corporate training get left behind? You could spend over $1000 to organise a truck driver orientation session and fly in a professional instructor, then front the cost of printing various manuals, handbooks and other documents.

Or you could digitise your training and compliance. Have all your staff and managers access the same content any time, from anywhere in the world, and for the same monthly user cost – a fraction of the price of face-to-face training.

Business people in training seminar

The key to this method? A learning management system, or LMS. This software combines training content and organisational tools, all in one place, for an entire business or organisation.

Learners can log in and access their assigned training material whenever they need to, and on any device with an internet connection. Improving operational efficiency and effectiveness are cornerstones of LMS-based training.

Here are some of the main ways online training, also known as eLearning, with an LMS can boost efficiency and effectiveness for a business:

Save time

Giving employees flexibility with their training will benefit everyone. Studies show that LMS training takes employees up to 60% less time to learn and understand the material than traditional classroom training.

Further to this, between one and two-thirds more information is retained compared to traditional methods. Tech giant, IBM found that its learners can cover five times more material without increasing training time.

This is largely because learners can progress at their own rate and return to the training material, if they wish, to reinforce their knowledge.

Less time learning means employees can begin, or return to, work sooner.

More importantly, retaining more information translates to higher accuracy and safety when undertaking work activities. Looking at the bigger picture, this can reduce your risk and increase productivity.

Businessman working on laptop

Save money and grow

Speaking of productivity, IBM found that this reduced training time meant that each dollar they invested in online training resulted in $30 worth of productivity.

This is because staff can apply their new skills as soon as they complete the training content – and no expensive travel to training sessions, accommodation, instructors and equipment. Making the switch to online training saved IBM as much as $200 million on these costs.

A 2011 study found that online-trained employees produce 26% more revenue for their company, due to more frequent and diverse training opportunities.

The easy accessibility of online training material opens up more opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD), which is important for job satisfaction – employees are given more room to progress in their careers.

Online training statistics

Centralise your training

On top of reducing training costs, LMS-based training places all of your training material in one secure location. This is critical for scalability – a small business with 50 staff will have the same user experience as a major company with 20,000 employees that need induction and ongoing re-induction training.

Administrators can allocate their teams to training groups on the LMS, then assign a training course to all members of that group at the click of a button, be it 10 staff or 1,000.

The administrator can then generate spreadsheet reports to track which users have completed their courses at any time.

This allows senior staff to track and manage employee training remotely and with unparalleled efficiency, leaving them more time to take care of other business matters that can’t be addressed online.

Corporate team meeting

The eLearning industry is growing exponentially. More and more businesses, from small companies to corporate giants, are realising the difference an LMS can make for their operational efficiency and learning outcomes.

There’s never been a better time to move your corporate education online and reap the benefits. If you’d like to learn more about how to get started with online training please contact us at Mediasphere to see if our award-winning LMS can help you boost your operational efficiency and effectiveness.