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Solution for the aged care sector

Whatever challenges your organisation is facing, PowerHouse Workforce provides a cost-effective solution,  designed with and for Australia’s aged care providers. 

Our customers  estimate an immediate
 – 50% saving on recruitment costs and 

 – 70% saving on onboarding.

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Proudly deploying Alis
The platform is integrated with Alis to
enable course completion data to write
to each employee’s profile. All skills
development data in one location.

Managing workforce skilling and learning requirements.

Providing palliative care skilling to the sector and health professionals.

Providing information and training to the health sector

Proudly partnering to address workforce solutions.

Staff development.

Onboard – contractors and permanent staff.

Whole of staff professional development.

Workforce efficiency, productivity and risk management delivered on one platform

Single Point of Reference

with centralised access for all your workforce data Learn More

Job Role Compliance

framework to manage risk in real time Learn More

Decreased Time to Productivity

with seamless transition between recruitment and onboarding Learn More